Family and Carer Support Groups

Our range of support groups provide voice to the lived experience of carers, shared compassion to the journey of caring and partnership in supporting recovery.

A range of support groups are available for those who care for, and care about people experiencing mental health problems. Groups provide an opportunity for family, friends and carers to connect with those with similar experiences and to learn current ideas and practices in the field of mental illness. Group members gain strength and support from each other and learn new ways of coping through each other’s experiences. Groups are facilitated by professionals and carers who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge. Speakers from specific areas of mental health are a regular feature of the groups.

As a statewide support service for carers, we also provide a database of support groups across Victoria and our Helpline Team are available to talk through the best options for you. Contact them on 1300 550 265. All groups are free to attend. 

Database of Support Groups

Please click here to view the database of Support Groups  (non Mind support groups) in Melbourne & Rural Victoria. For further information on support groups for carers throughout Victoria please ring our Helpline 1300 500 265.

Mind Australia Support Groups 

Mind currently operates carer support groups from several sites. They include:


  • Family and carer support
  • Borderline Personality Disorder Family and Carer Group
  • Bipolar Consumer Support Group
  • Grow - Better together support group
  • Tree of life
  • Exploration and information group
  • Mindfulness group


For more information about the Mind support groups and where they are located contact the Carer Helpline 1300 550 265.