Linwood PARC

Linwood PARC (Prevention and Recovery Care) aims to reduce relapse and support recovery for people experiencing mental illness and their families. This program is part of a unique partnership between ARAFEMI Victoria and Eastern Health, bringing the best of community and clinical care.

Linwood is a Prevention and Recovery Care (PARC) service. The purpose of the facility is to provide brief (1 – 4 weeks) intensive support options to assist individuals and their carers to recover from mental health issues. Residents work towards their individual recovery goals in a supportive home like environment with the support of a dedicated team of clinical and psychosocial rehabilitation workers. Linwood has places for eight people to stay overnight and for two people to attend tailored day programs.

Linwood works with people who may be living in the community and starting to show early signs of becoming unwell, or have been in the inpatient ward, but require additional support before returning home. The team provides individual support to prevent further deterioration of mental health issues and offers individual and group support towards recovery.

Linwood offers 24 hour support 7 days per week. Key workers assist residents to identify and focus on recovery goals, and to develop a wellness plan. In addition, people continue to receive support from their usual treatment team, ongoing support from the CAT team and from our specialist clinical staff and visiting psychiatrist.

Linwood is a voluntary service, which means clients have chosen to be at Linwood. Linwood is open to people aged from 18 to 64 years of age who are experiencing mental health issues and live in the Central Eastern Region of Melbourne. The service is for people who are at risk of relapse or who are recovering from an episode of mental illness. For further referral information please speak to your Case Manager or Clinician or contact us at PARC on 9890 8652