Consumer Involvement

ARAFEMI has a commitment to active consumer participation at all levels as one of its guiding service principles

What is Consumer Participation?

Consumer Participation involves the participation of consumers (clients) of mental health in feeding back to, evaluating and improving the services they use. It can also have wider meaning of being involved in activites and events in the mental health network (particularly those with a 'consumer' focus). 

Consumer Participation is based on the principle that every ‘consumer’ of the service has the right to participate in the planning, feedback and delivery of services. We aim to get consumer participation operating in as many ways as possible in the service of ARAFEMI. Some of the ways in which this happens are described below:

  • ARAFEMI Consumer Reference Group (our 'flagship' consumer group)
  • Linwood Consumer Only Meetings
  • Northern, Southern and Respite consumer feedback groups
  • Consumer Only Forums
  • Consumers Consultant participation in staff and management groups
  • Consumer presentations to community and educational groups
  • Consumer-run events for consumers and the general public
  • Consumers on ARAFEMI commitees
  • Consumers on wider mental health network committees and groups
  • Consumers involved in staff selection, education and training
  • Consumers contributing to Strategic Planning
  • Consumers on the Board of Governance

We aim to empower consumers to not just be passive recipients of a service, but to be active and involved co-contributors to how they would like the delivery of the service to look like for themselves, and for all consumers of ARAFEMI. Through this we hope to hear the consumer ‘voice’ and act upon it!

For more information about Consumer Participation at ARAFEMI please contact us on:
03 9810 9300